Lord hear our prayers



Welcome to Sacred Heart Churcs. We seek Jesus Christ and the abundant life in the Holy Spirit that He promised us. We invite you to join us and participate in the life of grace and discipleship confident in the Father’s love for us His children.


Pastor: Fr. Paul Sullivan

Sunday Priest Support: Fr. Jorge Martinez

Deacons: Dcn. Matias Valle, Dcn. Estevan Wetzel


During COVID-19 Closings

7:30 and thereafter on Youtube in Spanish

8:30 and thereafter on Youtube in English


Normal Times:

Sunday 8:30 and 10:30 AM in Spanish

Sunday 12:30 PM in English.

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Open Sunday from 9:AM to 1:30PM

Menu Items: Proudly serving homemade Menudo, Green/Red Chili Burritos, assorted soft drinks and coffee. 

Don’t miss out on Sunday fun-day breakfast and brunch! We are located on the church grounds Hall.

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Come visit us:

1421 S. 12th Street
Phoenix, AZ  85034

or give us a call:

(602) 258-2089

For emergencies that require a priest:

(602) 258-2091